Report: Tollymore Filming

So we finally made it to tollymore  on  Wednesday 23rd of April. once we got there we waited for the rain to go away in the morning. All the crew  met at the tollymore center carpark and got ready for the natural trails , the scenery up there is unbelievable and makes you appreciate what a great country we live in



So once everyone was ready to go  we set off through the fireroads and made our way up to the trails that had everything from the simple fire roads to the more technical steep descents and jumps ranging from small to large also the tree roots still slippery from the morning rain , it has to be said this is where you really learn to ride your bike and pick your skills up


With that in mind we descended down the trails to some nice drops and then continued our way round to the xc pat of the trail beside the river , stunning is the word best used to describe the views down there nature at its best

IMG_9709 IMG_9734

On the Thursday the 24th of April we where joined again by Digsy and then Paul and Niel who had the big bikes out for the day that day was full of gap jumps for them boys and for myself i done the smaller 1s and what i didnt fancy doing there was chicken runs around them so u can still follow the trails
IMG_9836 IMG_9830
To say the least that day was full of falls and mishaps but nothing to serious we all got up and laughed it off and as time went by we got all the action sorted out and then done the interviews which was great fun and a laugh
P1020166 P1020159
A big thank you to everyone who made it out them 2 days mark smyth and digsy paul robert Jonny and Nigel and Neil and i hope you enjoy watching this part about tollymore and hopefully inspires u to grab the bike and get out there and just ride it

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