Davagh Filming Report


The team we had for Davagh

Day One:

Davagh the first shoot on saturday morning it was pouring down with rain but thankfully it stopped for a while. when we got there it was great to see how many people had turned out even with the bad weather conditions

After all the introductions and usual slagging that comes first with mountain biking it was time to get work. So up we went to the start of the red trails and got the cameras into position and took take after take , yeah it felt like we were making a new version of Seasons.

Main man Andy,

Main man Andy,

The make up girl was never so busy that day with the demands of the lads wanting to look good for every scene no hair out of place or wrinkle on show.


Kelan Grant riding like a pro!


The filming was such a laugh and everyone seemed to enjoy it even when they came off or made a mistake in there riding, but thats biking isn’t it you get no second chances its usually over the handle bars full tilt or a nice tree hugging session


The first day of filming came to a close, you could actually feel a lot had been achieved. On that day you could tell that a lot  of new friendships had been made along with new  biking partners  and not to mention all  the hard work that Jonny Collins from Jcollins Productions and his dad Nigel Collins put in all the work for photographs and filming all day and having to put up with some divas, but we all left that day thinking this project is going to be some craic


Kelan dropping some rock faces! Jonny the camera man in the background


Day Two:

On the sunday the weather again was a bit worse.  But we met with some other riders Jason and Dermott along with Aaron and Sabrina. The mood soon changed again plenty of craic. We even had a first for young Aaron going over Boundry rock and Sabrina hitting rocks she never had done before , its amazing when the cameras are rolling what you can do but unfortunately for me my stunt double wasn’t in that day so I give it a miss.


Kelan again! showing off with nice manual


As the day went on the weather got worse and then we  decided to film the pump track and then the skills sections showing off what davagh had to offer and it has plenty for the pro and the family just going out for a bike ride , even done my first interview as well , parkie watch your back im pretty hot at it


So as sunday came to a close the laughter the banter and good craic we packed up and already thinking ahead to the next trails we will be hitting and me personally i can’t wait so i really just want to say a big thank you to everyone who took part at davagh on saturday and sunday and to John who kindly lent me the key so we could get the equipment up past the gate and all there is to say next is roll on rostrevor the next exciting trail to hit and hopefully see u all out there and if you see us say hi and we will make u famous

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